Have you seen “”? It’s pretty eye opening regarding what happens to your food before it gets to the supermarket. I’ve seen the horror stories on 60 minutes, heard on NPR, seen articles here and there, but chose to ignore it because I’m an admittedly blind-to-the-truth and selfish American, and I really care about buying food and saving a buck. But I think that’s gotta change, so it’s gotta start somewhere.

Have you seen “Throwdown with Bobby Flay”? He is a meathead in all of its definitions. Occasionally he’ll get some quality beef and go on and on about how much better it tastes than the regular stuff you’d get in the supermarket. And it not only tastes better, but if it’s organic or grass fed, it is without chemicals which alters the composition of the meat. It’s higher in protein, higher in Omega 3, and lower in fat and cholesterol.

So here is a good way to:

  1. Essentially remove the chemicals from all the beef you eat, forever
  2. Eat (and serve to others) the most delicious and nutritious beef dishes on earth (no exaggeration).
  3. Directly fund farmers that treat livestock humanely, and raise them without chemicals
  4. NOT spend 4X what you normally would pay for beef to get the best available

There are numerous other farms in probably every state, just google grass fed beef.


Posts about the horrors of production line beef.

This is where store bought Ground Beef comes from.


Here’s more…

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