Caledonia Farm Prices

Ground beef, 1 lb/pkg $6/lb

Ground Beef Patties, 3ea. 6 oz. patties per pkg, $7.50/pkg.
Let’s talk about convenience that everyone can enjoy!

Stew beef, 1 lb/pkg, $8/lb.

Beef Sausage; hot or sweet Italian linked,1 lb/pkg, $7.50/pkg
Awesome grilled for a great sandwich or a quick tasty meal from your fry-pan. No fillers or preservatives, 3 links/pkg, frozen and uncooked. A must- try new item!

Bone-in rib/delmonico steaks now $12/lb. SOLD OUT- restocked in April!
About a pound each. A good all-around, value priced steak!

Boneless Rib-Eye Steaks, $16/lb. SOLD OUT- restocked in April!
A superb grilling steak, rivaling our more expensive steaks for taste and tenderness!

Boneless Sirloin Steaks, $13/lb.SOLD OUT- restocked in April!
A good grilling steak, as long as you don’t over cook it. Excellent flavor and versatile for stir fry when sliced into strips, too!

Bone-in Sirloin Steak, $12/lb. SOLD OUT- restocked in April!
Don’t let the bone put you off, as the meat next to the bone is sweeter and more tender!

Flank and Skirt Steaks, $8/lb.
Noted for its flavor, lends itself well to your your favorite marinade. We recommend an herb infused vinegar, garlic and olive oil as a base. Slow cooked, moist heat is best.

Roasts; shoulder, face of the rump, and top round now $9/lb.
2-3 lb average weight, excellent for any moist heat recipe.

Bottom round roast, $8/lb.
2-3 lbs each best suited for long, slow cooking and is revered for its flavor!

Chuck roasts, bone-in, $5/lb.
A favorite in our house for its superb flavor and versatility! Consider chuck in place of stew beef in your favorite stew recipe!

Tenderloin/Filet mignon, $24/lb.
The Rolls Royce of steaks with tenderness and flavor unrivaled by any other cut by a country mile! 10-12 oz.

T-bone steak, $16/lb.SOLD OUT- restocked in April!

Cube steak, $8/lb.
Makes an excellent steak sandwich! Add in onions, mushrooms, peppers and cheddar cheese!

Kabobs from the round, $8 per 1 lb package.
Responds very well to a lemon juice/ infused vinegar/ olive oil/red wine marinade.

Porterhouse steak, $17/lb. SOLD OUT- restocked in April!
A superb grilling steak with a small portion of the tenderloin and the best of the sirloin all in one great steak!

London broil and top round steak, $8/lb.
1 to 2 lb per package. Try an olive oil, lemon juice and red wine marinade! Served carved across the bias for best results.

Loin strip steaks, $16/lb.
Approximately 1/2 lb, comparable to NY style strip steaks.

Beef liver, heart, oxtails; $5/lb.

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